Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Task #31: Sit by that handsom fella in class

Oh dear I am shakin in my boots.
I have not gone to that class yet
But I am definitely looking forward to it.
Let me tell ya.

I feel like a child again.
Blushing at the first sight of a cute boy.
Today I am going to get up the courage to finally sit by that fella
you know...
the one who's been bringing a little bit more color to my face lately.
the one who caused 1 or 2 (possibly 3) "happy dances" in the last week.

Anyways! Enough of the Mushy Gushy!
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Life of a Former Slacker.

Oh my dear friends I have quite the confession to make.
Quite the honest confession.
I, Sydney "the Lyla Mae & Lucy Lou lady" have been acting like a slacker.
How long you might ask?... Well, only for the good part of the last 19 years.
You can decide.

Just so you can get a glimpse I will tell you a little story.

The Life of a Slacker
by Sydney Tittle

Good Morning world! My mind plays as I roll over and hit snooze for the twelfth time this morning.
Not quite ready to get up yet...

Suddenly I am jolted awake some how...
"What time is it?"
Oh goodness I have class at 9:20.

Fly out of Bed
Brush teeth
Take Vitamins
Throw some clothes on
Then run out the door
No Make up
Hair Thrown into a Bun on the Top of my head.
A real sight to see I can assure you.

Running to my office quickly I grab the school Items I need.
Oh shoot. I forgot to finish my assignment.
Stroll into class late (again)
Looking completely disheveled.

The end.

See what I mean?... This is the life I have been living.
But here's the beauty of it.
Now, I know that there are things I can change so I have made a plan!
A Brilliant Weekly Routine that I am beginning.

JUST DO IT my friends!

You are going to help keep me accountable!

Have a bright, Sunshiny day!

Love, Sydney

Monday, March 21, 2011

Task #30: Spend a night in photoshop

It's been too long since I've been able to work in photoshop.
So on this lovely friday night....
I did just that.

Here's what I created.
I, Sydney Tittle am kind of proud.
Nice, Clean cut - BOY announcements
Mission Accomplished.
What do you think?!
Have a favorite?

What a handsome fella!

Love, Syd

Friday, March 18, 2011

Task #29: Create your own AWESOME RESUME!

It took me longer than expected and a lot of help with editing text came from dad but here's the final product! Tell me what you think!

Lets cross our fingers....
and PRAY
that I get the job!

With much love,
The working woman

Thoughts? Insights?