Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sparklers and Babycakes

So one day my best friend came over
and we made cute Baby cakes
with oreos on top and everything.
I really really really like having her as a best friend.
like really a lot.

 I also really like sparklers.

Tay and I took about twenty minutes to light these babies with the supplies we had...
But thats okay
cause it was worth it.
And although it was after the fourth of July...
It was still enjoyable.
I like sparklers,
like really a lot.

Love, Lyla or Lucy or Syd or what ever you want to call me.

Life is beautiful. 

"What a world, what a life, I'm in LOVE..."

Hello fellow blog lovers.
You'll love this.

So, today I have enjoyed a lovely morning in salt lake city.

Now finding myself able to kill a little bit of time, I looked around and wandered into a cute little coffee shop, beautifully placed right in the heart of down town.

To drink coffee you might ask?...
oh no, of course not.

I don't drink coffee. 

I came into this lovely place to do not much other than to soak into the atmosphere of it all.

I don't think I realized until this moment, just how much a miss living in the city.
Believe it or not, I am such a big city girl...
For the time being that is.

But if at all possible,
I think I began to love it just a LITTLE bit more today.
ALL because of this cute coffee shop that has free wifi
And ALL because of this cute coffee shop that-as I speak- has music from all "the greats" CROONING through the speakers. 

"What a world, what a life, I'm in LOVE" Franky sings

Now some of you may already know ALL about these artist of whom I call "the greats" but for the sake of you lovely people who are new to my life, aka my lovely blog....

The greats:
Sammy Davis Junior
Louis Armstrong
Franky Sinatra(of course)
Deano Martin
so on.
and so forth.

Am I completely enjoying myself?
Yeah..... Yeah I am.

My friends,
 do something you love today. 

Wander out and truly soak in life.

With all its ups, and downs, sharp curves and dips...
Life as we know it can get a bit overwhelming at times.
And no matter how hard we try to hold on...
Sometimes things are out of our control.

Let us do all we can, and then trust in the Lord with everything else we have.
Let him touch our lives, and let us find joy in the simple things in life...

Well, off I go.
To soak in the atmosphere some more
and maybe even drool a little bit over Franky's lovely voice.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So lately I have found myself wandering through the magazine section at the local grocery store on a regular basis. 
Looking at what, you might ask?
Well I am most definitely not looking at the latest celebrity tabloids 
or even the quick fix diet magazines.

I have though, lately,

As in within the past few months,
wandered through the isle looking, and many times purchasing home magazines...
Yes, you heard me...

but there is something else...
I think I am....

well how do I put this...

ummm... yeah...
yeah I am.

Awhhh Better Homes and Gardens... you are quickly becoming my best friend.