Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hello Gorgeous...

 my hot little temple date.
 And me...

I love to see the temple...

Try to go this week?

yep, yep.



Snaps from Thanksgiving Madness

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yoo Hoo! is that you in there?!

Yeah... I know I am still not doing so well at documenting my life... But let me tell you something....


Am I excited?...... ummmm.... Yes. Yes I am.
Let me tell you a story.. about my last 48 hours.... its funny.
I was on my way with some friends to Washington to spend thanksgiving with their family...
and then... on Saturday I would head to Oregon to take wedding pictures for my dear friends at the temple there.

So there we were... Driving through the Blizzard that the News had been warning about all day... and then we came to good old Snowville.
The next 24 hours consisted of:
-10 degree and below temperatures.
-Stocking up on food, water, tissues, sprite, saltines, etc. from the flying J.
-Calls to every relative of relatives that we knew in the area or around it.
-A night spent at ALMOST a strangers house
(The Aunt and Uncle of Haylee's Sisters Sister-In Law....) .... Yeah Pretty Ridiculous.

At the lovely home of the WONDERFUL Nessen's, we were fed dinner, watched some TV, Played the piano, sang, and then at the end of the day SJ, Haylee, and I all retired to the awesome queen sized air mattress of which we fought over the entire night.

You see... There were three of us... Which made it quite the theatrical experience the entire night. If either of us who slept on the outside moved.. it would BOUNCE the person on the otherside RIGHT off the bed.
Haha can you IMAGINE!?

ANYWAYS... Long story short...
The next morning we were fed breakfast and then after several episodes of car trouble, several prayers, two conference talks on faith and gratitude, and two different goodbyes to the Nessen's... we were driven back to Draper, Utah where we met up with my Uncle at a mexican restaurant and were taken back to Salt lake city..

HOLY COW, I know.
My life is an adventure.

Today is Thanksgiving, and BOY am I grateful.
The Lord kept me safe this week.
He loves me.
You too.
I have a wonderful family.
Wonderful friends.
I go to an amazing school and are surrounded by incredible people.

Overall I have a wonderful LIFE.



Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fancy meeting you here... It's been a while

Dear friends, Hello.
I DO believe I underestimated the busy-ness of my schedule this year.
And while my life in the wonderful city of the Great Salt Lake moves quickly...
my blog has sat still.
I promise I will try to do better.

The things that consume my days...
A night at the Symphony with the classy ladies.

makin banana pancakes..... literally.

my family away from home.

School Events

Nights at The LOVE Circle

Other School Events-Mr LDS BC

Okay so I only did this twice... but still... it happened.

Nights with The GROUP..... My BEST buddies up here.

Strolls on Saturday Afternoons
Can you see how brilliant my life truly is?!

Until next time,