Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Task #28: Volunteer Somewhere Regularly

A little while back I volunteered at an incredible place in Salt Lake City, UT called:
A preschool were children can go to school and receive therapy if needed.
It's also a place where parents can receive help as well.
This year I decided to keep going. 
I go every Friday to help the teachers.
I play with the kids and am consistently blessed by their sweet spirits.
I wish they had the gospel in their lives.
I wish that their parents could know and feel of the happiness, hope, understanding and joy that I feel being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I will write more later about what I have learned there. 

But for now, I encourage you to look at the website and read a little bit about the Center... and about the Church as well if you'd like to know more.

Click below.

Before I finish, I just want to take a minute and express to you my feelings about service... I don't care if it feels cliche... It's the real deal.

Bottom line is...
Service is a big deal.
All over the world there is a need. As you walk down the street or the halls of your school, work, or community center... there is SOMEONE who could use your help.

So take the time and do it.

When we are "in the service of our fellow beings, we are only in the service of our God."

God has given us EVERYTHING.
Lets take the time and be his servants.
Take the time TODAY to be his hands.

With MUCH love,

Task #27: Sing in front of a large group of college students

I love to sing.
Ask my roommates.
They may or may not get a personal wake up call every morning as I take a shower.

Abnoxious? Probably.
But do they still love me anyway?....

Umm.... Yeah, yeah... I sure hope so.

ANYways, here's my dilemma.
I dread the nervous feeling of singing in front of people.
You know....That gut wrenching feeling.
The all of a sudden urge to go to the bathroom...
Sweaty palms, 100 Mile per hour vibrato,
you know... the works.

I decided that I needed to devise a plan.

Sing in front of the singles ward.
Lots of students.
No pressure.
That is exactly what I did.

It was a lovely Valentines day.
Hay, Charly and I sat in the bathroom of the stake center...
Head to toe in black...
Pasting black eye liner on our faces.
We were getting ready to sing Charly, Hay, and Kris' original hit song:


They say a picture is worth a thousand words...
or something like that.

So I'll let THEM do the talking.

Daddy would be proud of his little "Kiss" band member

After all was said and done..........
The performance went great. Not a nervous feeling inside of me!
Everyone was dying with laughter, and I even got to hop in the Improv show that night as an EMO girl.

"What's your MSN Screen name?" They asked me...
"Black eye liner girl......" I responded in the creepiest voice ever
(Pause)... and then I rasped into the mic "6-6-6"

The crowd lost it.
As did the Game show host for the night.

Now... let me clear something up before I go.
No, I do not HATE valentines day (I actually love it so much.... a DAY of LOVE!!.. who WOULDN'T be happy?)
(...Yes I am being serious, and YES I am single...)
There's nothing depressing about being single.
Life is as AMAZING as you make it!

Black Eye Liner Girl........666

Task # 26: Be a person of walmart

Always wanted to do it.
So I did.
And I liked it!

So often we worry about what other people think. We never take a break from the normal strains of life to just have some fun. 
Watch... I will be the Mom who dressed her kids down just to go the store.

Life is fun.
Life is enjoyable.
Life is happy.

Love, The person of Walmart

Task #25: Make A "Bottle Choir" and Perform

A little while ago, my friends and I had a wallow day?...
For anyone who has seen Gilmore girls you will know what we are talking about.
The only difference was that in Gilmore girls,
Rory ACTUALLY had something to wallow about.
Now, my classy ladies and I...
we decided to wallow.
...and wallow we did.
What for you might ask?
Well... we don't know.
Quite possibly the idea that we had no one to wallow over.

So juvenile.
So fantastic.

We got ice cream, and all sorts of other junk food and lounged on the couch critiquing movie kisses as we sipped coke from glass bottles.
Favorite thing.
On a following Sunday we invited a bundle of people over to my house.
(That's when I made french toast)
But before the guests arrived we 
(Hay, SJ, Charly, Kar and I)
Had a brilliant idea.

We'd fill up the coke bottles
(which were now being used as darling decorations)
and make a "Bottle Choir"
Each of us blowing a different note.


Once people started coming, we performed our fabulous number.

The recording will be up soon!

I love being a "Free Spirit!"

The Coke Bottle Girl