Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Home for the Holidays

Home sweet home at last.
After a semester of stress and what not I finally got to come home... and STAY home.
Blessed, I am.
I've spent my days bundled up inside as the snow falls reading books, and watching the Hallmark Channel.
Can my break get any better?

Yesterday we awoke to my mom calling us all up to the kitchen to see the foot of snow that had fallen, and since she had clients coming that day... we knew why we had gotten this wake up call. 
She needed us to help her shovel.

So I threw some boots on and a coat over my cat pj's and we went out and shoveled.
SUCH a blast.
I love my family.

Happy Holidays Blog Lovers!
May your days be Merry and Bright.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

so I sing...

... and this Saturday is our FIRST CHRISTMAS CONCERT!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

'twas the first night of December, when all through the city...

...all the Christmas lights were shining, so magical and pretty!

So, as most of you may have heard on the radio as of late...
It's the most wonderful and magical time of the year.
And in the city, the magic is truly brought to life at temple square.

Christ is the light of our life, and what I love so much about temple square, is the way those lights reflect him. The lights completely encompass the temple and bring LIFE and COLOR to the white winter nights.
Just as Christ does to OUR lives.

The season is beautiful. Lovers walk the streets,
some hand in hand.
SOME... huddled for warmth.
I love... LOVE.
I can't say that I have ever been IN LOVE before, but one day I will be just that.
And on a cold winter day in December when that long anticipated day arrives.
My Guy... 
...AND I
will go to the loveliest place on earth!
We'll hold each others mitten-covered hands,
we'll laugh with JOY about everything, of course.
And will quite possibly wipe a few tears at the nativity scene.
But most of all we will be
and quite
in LOVE on that beautiful Winter night.
With Eachother
With the Gospel
With our Life Together.

Happy December
Bring Light to someones life this holiday season!
x  Sydney Love