Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Singin' in the rain...

So every so often I get these strokes of genius...
an event will be going on, and all of a sudden a cheesy thought will pop into my head.
These very thoughts are what I like to call...
Words of Wisdom by Sydney Tittle.
good title, eyh?...
I thought so.

The other day, my friends and I realized just how obsessed we were with that old-time movie "singin in the rain.."
We, as the classy ladies decided that we would watch it together.
So we did.
aaaaaannnnnd we liked it.

Now the next day... to our lovely surprise and excitement...
It rained...
and while other students griped and grumbled about the weather and having to walk home, or ride their bike home in the down pour...
we decided that we would make like Gene Kelly
and SING in the RAIN!

Well then... I had a stroke of genius.
So here on this day... you get to witness..
Words of wisdom by Sydney Tittle

"At times the clouds my roll in and cold and heavy down pour may fall on you... What are you going to do? You can't change the weather... so you MIGHT as well just sing in the rain."


I love my life.
Hows yours?


My Thoughts on Today

Hello my dear friends.
My thoughts on today....
...well there are many, as usual.
But here for a second I will just allow my brain to be opened up and dumped onto this page...

Man, when I say that, a terrible picture pops into my head of some sort of landfill
that at the end of the day gets crushed,
and completely mushed into this big mass of complete trash.

...Boy, I hope my words aren't just that for you.
I hope when you read these words,
that instead of a big, stinky -and quite smelly- mass of landfill,
you picture a freshly opened bucket of rainbow-colored paint
A bucket of paint that I have slightly stirred and then SPLATTERED all over a beautiful while canvas for you to observe and enjoy.

I hope that when you read my words... you take time to sit and ponder and get something out of it that has personal importance and meaning.

Now, for my REAL thoughts on today.
Thoughts of which might have no meaning to you whatsoever...
but just humor me.


I walked into my first class today, sat down and learned how to listen.
Listening has always been a difficult thing for me.
why you ask?
welllll I am VERY easily distracted.
I have what doctors call a LITTLE bit of an ADD problem.
haha... you think I'm joking.

Now after I focused reallly really hard and attempted listening to my teacher tell us how to listen I got my things and went to a wonderful devotional.

Devotionals at my school are every Tuesday, and they are always so wonderful. Well, at least they were until this year. This year I have to sit on the stand....

You know, I shouldn't complain. But an hour of sitting on the stand in front of a whole bunch of students isn't exactly all that it cracked up to be. I went into it thinking... ohhhh yeahhhh... I am coooool, I get to sit on the stand...
ha ha well, let me tell you something....... SOOO not as cool as I thought it'd be.

We get up there, sometimes looking good, and other times- like today- looking like we just rolled out of bed.
So there we sit, and I'm trying to look all classy... trying to sit like a princess (the way they teach it on princess diaries) and really, I probably just look like I am about to fall out of my chair.

and THEN... oh then.... here come the cameras...
Yep. Right on your face. and you can see yourself in the TV straight ahead of you, and you try dodging behind the other student council members to get your hideous face off the camera.. but no... there you have to sit... for an hour... classily falling out of your chair. being stared down by a recording of yourself. aaannnd 200 other students as well.... Great.

Aside of the awkwardness of being on the stand.. devotional was wonderful. The spirit is an amazing thing that can touch your heart if you let it.

Love you all!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bada BOOM Bada BING!

I'm a classy Salt Lake City Girl ONCE again!

Get Ready for the next chapter of my LOVELY Blog!!


Over and OUT Classy People, OVER and out!


Sunday, September 5, 2010

M & E Shoot

A new shoot of these beautiful girls is featured on my lovely PHOTOBLOG!!!

Here's just a preview!