Monday, February 20, 2012

Words of Encouragement

Hello again. 
Fancy meeting you here.

good golly, it's been a while. Hasn't it?

Can I just say that this last little stretch of my journey has been quite a difficult one? It has been pretty wild. I have forged my way through the forest of doubt, trudged through the muddy river of failure, and have even climbed the mountain of insane temptation. [Paints a beautiful picture, I know.]

Needless to say - I've made it through and am ready to keep going. 

You see, I am half way through my journey. I have lost TWENTY-Something pounds... I have made it half way up that mountain, and now have the opportunity to make 1 of 2 choices. I can keep moving forward up the mountain, assured that it will not be easy... but regardless will be worth it once I reach the top. OR I can make the dumb decision of going right back down the mountain, ending in the exact spot where I started. 

Right here and now, there is only one obvious thing to do...
I'm headed back down the mountain.
HAH Just kidding.


Now, the old and slightly tired version of me would probably have made the same decision (that is to keep heading up the mountain) The difference between the OLD Sydney and the NEW Sydney is this:


I thought of this quote the other day... I think I made it up, but if you know the originator of the quote... then don't tell me because I would prefer to consider myself a genius.

Here is the final message I want to leave with you today:

"Change your mentality to change your reality..."
[just give me a fist pump... because we both know that I am smart.]

Our minds have an insane power to change the way we feel about things. Our mentality will change the actual outcomes of our lives if we believe in the power of our attitude. Think good things about yourself and good things will come of it.

"Success doesn't bring happiness, HAPPINESS brings success." - from the book The Happiness Advantage

Think positive and you will be able to make it to the top of your mountain with much more ease.

More to come on this...

I love you all. Keep the faith!

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  1. Miss Tittle,
    I adore you! With a little bit of faith, a little belief, and a whole lot or work and tears it is possible to climb Mountains we never dreamed we would find! I love you bunches- thank you for spreading your happiness! :)

    Best Regards-
    Miss Tobler